Cybersecurity solutions designed
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Inxtinct is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that helps organisations anticipate, detect, and prevent security vulnerabilities, threats, and advanced email cyber threats. Along with cybersecurity compliance advisory and security awareness training, we also offer a library of engaging and interactive training modules, news and blogs that keep users up-to-date with the latest threats.
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Meet The Inxtinct Team

Hi and nice to meet you! We are team of cyber security experts who are passionate about keeping people safe online.
  • Deepanjan-photo
    Deepanjan Paul
    Deepanjan loves taking about cricket, tech and the startup industry. He's passionate about all things computers and security.
  • Bader-photo
    Bader Alghoul
    Bader is a serial entrepreneur and experienced in the cybersecurity industry. He is passionate about businesses and all things Man Utd.

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